Фазовая диаграмма системы Co-Ga

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Co-Ga (Cobalt-Gallium) Editor The liquidus boundaries of the Co-Ga phase diagram between 20 and 70 at.% Ga were determined by thermal analysis by [57Ess] and supported by [82Wun]. The solidus of the b phase is due to [82Wun]. [75Kat] determined the Co-rich solvus of b by emf measurements. The (aCo) solvus is due to X-ray microprobe analysis by [74Fes]. Thermal hysteresis data for the transformation between ( aCo) and (eCo) measured by [52Kos] were not sufficient to draw phase boundaries between (aCo) and (eCo). The Co-Ga phase diagram determined by thermal analysis by [80Lu] is similar.-H.O. 52Kos: W. Koster and E. Horn, Z. Metallkd., 43, 333-334 (1952) in German. 57Ess: P. Esslinger and K. Schubert, Z. Metallkd., 48, 126-134 (1957) in German. 58Sch: K. Schubert, H. Breimer, R. Gohle, H.L. Lucas, H.G. Meissner, and E. Stolz, Naturwissenschaften, 45, 360-361 (1958) in German. 74Fes: P. Feschotte, and P. Eggimann, J. Less-Common Met., 63, 15-30 (1974) in French. 75Kat: I. Katayama, N. Kemori, and Z. Kozuka, Trans. Jpn. Inst. Met., 16(7), 423-430 (1975). 80Lu: X.S. Lu, Acta Phys. Sinica, 29(5), 557-565 (1980) in Chinese. 82Wun: K.M. Wunsch and E. Wachtel, Z. Metallkd., 73(5), 311-315 (1982) in German. 1