Фазовая диаграмма системы Fe-Nd

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Fe-Nd (Iron-Neodymium) W. Zhang, G. Liu, and K. Han The assessed Fe-Nd phase diagram is based primarily on the experimental data of [65Ter] and [87Sch], with review of the work of [85He], [87Wan], and [87Zha] . The equilibrium phases are the liquid, L; the intermetallic compound Fe17Nd2; and the Fe-based terminal solid solutions (dFe), (gFe), and (aFe); and the Nd- based terminal solid solution (bNd) and (aNd). The solid solubility of Nd in (aFe) is 0.088 с 0.004 wt.% at 760 C and 0.17 to 0.29 wt.% at 840 C [87Wan]. The solubility diagram shows results obtained by [87Zha]. The maximum solid solubility of Fe in (aNd) is 4 wt.% [65Ter], which appears to be improbably high compared with results of other Fe-RE systems. The peritectic formation of hexagonal Fe17Nd2 occurs at 1210 с 5 C [87Sch]. [61Gsc] and [65Ter] reported the existence of Fe2Nd as a stable phase. However, the existence of Fe2Nd was not reconfirmed by later investigations [87Sch] and is not shown in the assessed diagram. Fe5+xNd was obtained by splat cooling [86Sta]. The exact composition has not been determined. Consequently, it is written as Fe5+xNd, where x is less than 3.5 and not near zero [86Sta]. The compound Fe7Nd obtained by rapid cooling is also metastable [86Sch]. The Curie temperature of Fe17Nd2 is 327 K [86Bus]. The Curie temperature of Fe5+xNd is 370 K. 61Gsc: K.A. Gschneidner, Jr., Rare Earth Alloys, New York (1961). 63Kri: P.I. Kripyakevich, V.F. Terekhova, O.S. Zarechnyuk, and I.V. Burov, Kristallografiya, 7(2), 268 (1983) in Russian. 64Ray: A.E. Ray, K. Strnat, and D. Feldmann, Proc. 3rd Conf. Rare Earth Res., 443-457 (1964). 65Ray: A.E. Ray, Proc. 5th Conf. Rare Earth Res., Gordon and Breach, New York, 45 (1965). 65Ter: V.F. Terekhova, E.V. Maslava, and Y.M. Savilsky, Russ. Metall., 3, 128 ( 1965). 82Her: J.F. Herbst, J.J. Croat, and R.W. Lee, J. Appl. Phys., 53(1) (1982). 85He: Y. He, X.R. Chang, Z.Z. Tian, C.M. Hsiao, M.H. Wang, H.B. Lu, Y.Y. Wang, and N.Q. Liu, Metallurgica, 19, 79 (1985). 86Bus: K.H.J. Buschow, D.B. Demoow, and H.M. Van Noort, J. Less-Common Met., 125, 135 (1986). 86Sch: G. Schneider, E.T. Henig, G. Petzow, and H.H. Stadelmaier, Z. Metallkd., 77(11), 755 (1986). 86Sta: H.H. Stadelmaier, G. Schneider, and M. Ellner, J. Less-Common Met., 115, L11 (1986). 87Sch: G. Schneider, E.T. Henig, G. Petzow, and H.H. Stadelmaier, Z. Metallkd., 78(10), 694-696 (1987). 87Wan: Y.Y. Wang, N.Q. Liu, Z.Z. Tian, and X.R. Chang, Acta Metall. Sin., 23(3) , B149-151 (1987) in Chinese. 87Zha: W. Zhang, X. Li, G. Liu, and S. Pan, unpublished research (1987). Submitted to the APD Program. Complete evaluation contains 1 figure, 6 tables, and 22 references. Special Points of the Fe-Nd System