Фазовая диаграмма системы Fe-Pb

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Fe-Pb (Iron-Lead) B.P. Burton There is very limited mutual solubility in either the solid or liquid phases of the Fe-Pb system. The data of [60Mil] appear to constitute the most internally consistent set of data on the solubility of Pb in liquid Fe. However the data of [61Ste] are preferred for the solubility of Fe in liquid Pb, because the equilibrium phase boundary was bracketed by collecting data with both heating and cooling runs. A possible compound (FePb2) was suggested by [32Dan], but neither [46Now] nor [ 47Sch] found any evidence for such a phase. 32Dan: E.J. Daniels, J. Inst. Met., 49, 179-180 (1932); cited in [Hansen]. 46Now: H. Nowotny and K. Schubert, Z. Metallkd., 37, 22 (1946); cited in [ Hansen]. 47Sch: E. Scheil, Z. Metallkd., 38, 320 (1947); cited in [Hansen]. 60Mil: K.O. Miller and J.F. Elliot, Trans. Metall. Soc. AIME, 218, 900-1090 ( 1960). 61Ste: D.A. Stevenson and J. Wolff, Trans. Metall. Soc. AIME, 221, 271-275 ( 1961). Submitted to the APD Program. Complete evaluation contains 2 figures, 3 tables, and 10 references. 1