Фазовая диаграмма системы H-Nd

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H-Nd (Hydrogen-Neodymium) Editor The Nd-H phase diagram in the temperature range 0 to 1100 C is based on the DTA, X-ray, and metallographic investigations of [71Pet]. The phase boundries above 1100 C proposed by [85Bis] were based on supporting evidence from other light lanthanide-hydrogen systems.-P.R.S. 55Mul: R.N.R. Mulford and C.E. Holley, J. Phys. Chem., 59, 1222-1226 (1955). 71Pet: D.T. Peterson, T. J. Poskie, and J.A. Straatmann, J. Less-Common Met., 23, 177-183 (1971). 83Kna: P. Knappe, H. MЃller, and H.W. Mayer, J. Less-Common Met., 95 323-333 ( 1983). 85Bis: R. Bischot, M. Tellefsen, and E. Kaldis, J. Less-Common Met., 110, 99- 106 (1985). 1