Фазовая диаграмма системы In-Pu

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In-Pu (Indium-Plutonium) H. Okamoto The assessed In-Pu diagram is based on the experimental data of [65Ell], with review of the work of [58Boc]. The solubility of Pu in (In) must be very small, because the L/[L + In3Pu] liquidus trend indicates that the L = (In) + In3Pu eutectic composition is essentially 0 at.% Pu. The maximum solubility of In in (ePu) is 1.5 at.% at the L + InPu3 = (ePu) peritectic temperature of 676 с 5 C [65Ell]. The homogeneity range of (d›Pu) is small, because it was absent in a 0.5 at.% In alloy [65Ell]. The solvus of (dPu) in the assessed diagram was determined by [65Ell] based on the lattice parameter data. [67Hoc] speculated a larger solubility limit of about 4 at.% In. No indications of significant solubility of In in (gPu), (bPu), or (aPu) were found [65Ell]. The phase boundaries of h in the assessed diagram may not be precise, because they are based on a limited number of X-ray data points. [67Hoc] considered InPu3 to undergo a polymorphic transition at 678 C. Because no additional information is available, this feature is not shown in the assessed diagram; however, further confirmation is needed. 56Cof: A.S. Coffinberry and M.B. Waldron, Progress in Nuclear Energy, Ser. V, Vol. 1, Metallurgy and Fuels, Pergamon Press, London, 353-410 (1956). 56Ell: F.H. Ellinger, Trans. AIME, 206(10), 1256-1259 (1956); J. Met., 8(10), 1256-1259 (1956). 58Boc: A.A. Bochvar, S.T. Konoveevsky, V.I. Kutaitsev, T.S. Menshikova, and N. T. Chebotarev, Proc. U.N. Int. Conf. Peaceful Uses At. Energy, 2nd, Geneva, Vol. 6, IAEA, Vienna, Austria, 184-193 (1958). 63Gsc: K.A. Gschneidner, Jr., R.O. Elliott, and J.T. Waber, Acta Metall., 11(8) , 947-955 (1963). 65Ell: F.H. Ellinger, C.C. Land, and K.A. Johnson, Trans. AIME, 233(7), 1252- 1258 (1965). 65Hoc: B. Hocheid, A. Tanon, and J. Despres, J. Nucl. Mater., 15, 241-244 ( 1965) in French. 67Hoc: B. Hocheid, A. Tanon, S. Bedere, J. Despres, S. Hay, and F. Miard, Plutonium 65, Proc. Int. Conf. 3rd, A.E. Kay and M.B. Waldron, Ed., Chapman- Hall, London, Barnes-Noble, New York, 321-340 (1967). Submitted to the APD Program. Complete evaluation contains 1 figure, 3 tables, and 7 references. Special Points of the In-Pu System