Фазовая диаграмма системы Li-Mo

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Li-Mo (Lithium-Molybdenum) Editor The solubility of Mo in liquid Li is reported to be very small [50Jes, 59Byc, 61Lea, 65Cle]. The Li-Mo phase diagram was predicted in [Molybdenum], based on estimated thermodynamic data. The melting point of Mo has been adjusted to conform to [Melt].-P.R.S. 50Jes: O.S. Jesseman et al., USAEC Rep. No. NEPA-1465, 1-15 (1950); quoted in [ Shunk]. 59Byc: Y.F. Bychkov, A.N. Rozanov, and V.B. Yakovleva, At. Energ. (USSR), 7, 531-536 (1959) in Russian; TR: Sov. J. At. Energy, 7, 987-992 (1961). 61Lea: H.W. Leavenworth and R.E. Cleary, Acta Metall., 9, 519-520 (1961). 65Cle: R.E. Cleary, S.S. Bleckerman, and J.E. Corliss, USAEC Rep. No. TIM-850 ( 1965). 1