Фазовая диаграмма системы Pd-Pt

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Pd-Pt (Palladium-Platinum) Editor Various measurements of physical properties of Pd-Pt alloys indicate the existence of a continuous solid solution in the Pd-Pt system [Hansen]. [73Haw] sketched the liquidus and solidus based on this information. The existence of immiscibility in the solid phase with the critical temperature of about 770 C was predicted by [59Rau], based on the difference in the melting points of Pd and Pt. [Moffatt] summarized the above information in a Pd-Pt phase diagram. -H.O. 59Rau: E. Raub, J. Less-Common Met., 1(1), 3-18 (1959). 73Haw: D.T. Hawkins, in [Metals] (1973). 1